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I’ve waited a long time to tell my story. Not everyone is ready for the truth but for those who are this is a special treat that just might save your life. For those who aren’t, vegan cheesecake is on offer this week.

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This is Keith's latest book and by far the most significant. It is 432 pages, fully illustrated and fully referenced. It documents his journey researching, discovering the cause and ultimately curing what is described as an 'incurable' stage 4 blood cancer, at home.

I am Keith Mann I Cured Cancer at home

If the truth about cancer is close to your heart
Then my book of healing is a good place to start

There's science and logic on ideas they missed
A guide to a future we have long wished

It is exciting and thrilling and offers real hope
It's empowering and personal and in our scope

It is a story of love a desperate quest
For answers to questions we found the best

It is bold and revealing refreshing and clear
This is the story we have been longing to hear

When my cancer doctor asked what did you do
To make all that cancer stop growing in you

He asked of my journey to beat back the cancer
This gives you a hint we may hold the answer

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It is equally fascinating, revealing, informative and invaluable. It opens the door to a new way of looking at disease and health, at the food we eat and the research methods we use to find cures. It exposes information we all need to know about cancer causes, treatments, research and prevention. Nearly 50 chapters explore related issues and includes the entire timeline and protocol devised to first stop in its tracks then reverse a late stage progressing cancer and eliminate all signs.