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This is Keith's latest book and by far the most significant. It is 432 pages, fully illustrated and fully referenced. It documents his journey researching, discovering the cause and ultimately curing what is described as an 'incurable' stage 4 blood cancer, at home.

It is equally fascinating, revealing, informative and invaluable. It opens the door to a new way of looking at disease and health, at the food we eat and the research methods we use to find cures. It exposes information we all need to know about cancer causes, treatments, research and prevention. Nearly 50 chapters explore related issues and includes the entire timeline and protocol devised to first stop in its tracks then reverse a late stage progressing cancer and eliminate all signs.

The Story

From the beginning of my cancer diagnosis in the summer of 2013 I made a conscious decision to write a book on the journey my experience was destined to take me. I felt a unique opportunity opening up and my goal was a cure for cancer. With such an ambition and no rules to deter me I felt I had a good chance. As we will see as I tell this story, when it comes to chronic degenerative disease the restoration of health is seldom the goal of our institutionalised medical researchers yet their limitations are boundless. I achieved my goal and became the very proud owner of a cancer cure and my options are now boundless. Taking my example to a logical conclusion millions of lives could be saved in no time at all from diseases our current medical system has enabled to be the plagues of the day. Profitable plagues.

I expected my therapy to work in around two years and the book begun to take shape the following spring as a kind of diary. It is now January 1 2017 and I am starting all over again, since my healing hypothesis (known to some as a “conspiracy theory”) took on a life of its own and my story went widely off track on a journey of discovery I am bursting to share. I see this journey now as being absolutely on the right track.  Same direction just a different route with some quite interesting views, I think you will agree. We expect that plans don’t always come to pass and mine most certainly didn't, but it turned out even better than my wildest dream. And I did genuinely have a dream, one I have actively pursued for many years, in this I see a clear vision of a world that’s a nice place for all earthlings to enjoy, as it once was.

And it will be again.

I have no complaints just a lot of observations. I was brought up in the northern mill town of Rochdale - my playground for 16 years. I left school in 1982 and in broadening my horizons I went to play with the animal rights movement, where my mischief would have purpose. I have dreamt up and employed all means at my disposal in the intervening years to stem the epidemic of human-on-animal violence. Vivisection is an obscenity beyond reasoning in the 21st century and has been central to my actions. That evil word alone motivated me to push the boundaries and sod the consequences. Little else really mattered to me as I grew up but making it stop. I didn’t want the costly car and alloy wheels, the nine to five and the other modern human desires, but I knew what I did want and I will always hold this desire central to my actions. Fortuitously I can now show and tell precisely how this may come to pass.

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