Cooking up a cure

It is of course possible that the chemical suppression of cancer cells may be enough to give the immune system the help it needs to recover full function and prevent cancer from returning. And after all we all know of someone who survived cancer and chemo beyond the 5 year cut off point deemed a cure by conventional standards. If we are honest we probably know of more people for who it wasn’t enough. I certainly do. What is seldom taken into consideration in the anecdotes of chemo success is the role of surgery, which is far more effective than chemo and often used in conjunction. Further to this watering down of chemo glory is the change of lifestyle cancer patients are increasingly prone to initiate upon diagnosis. Who records this information when claiming chemo works wonders and saves lives? What’s to say that change in lifestyle didn’t stop cancer returning?

We can increase the success of this one dimensional chemo bombardment by a more comprehensive, holistic approach whereby the immune system is supported and encouraged to mount a sustained defence once the cancer burden has been eliminated, or reduced. Being classified as ‘in remission’ is the window of opportunity to think long and hard about changing the cancer environment and tidying up the mess we have created as opposed to the tradition of dropping the bomb and hoping it sets off a cure.

It is a choice.

Realising the long term futility of chemo we targeted the cancer cells in me with much more subtle tools, the details of which I have explained in my book, while simultaneously working on flushing out the toxic waste caused by this cancer kill process so that nothing detrimental was able to re-circulate and build up again. We also removed all known potential aggravating factors, such as the sugars and fats and pesticides. In addition I loaded up on the nutrients and supplements our research suggested would be beneficial, such as green lettuce juice and curcumin and NK Cell Activator (among others) to boost immune recovery.

Enemas and home made ozone water played a key role to detoxifying what had become a deeply toxic body. We also added infrared sauna to open up another detoxification pathway little utilised by many of us. The infrared sauna is a simple addition to any serious healing protocol. Infrared saunas boost fluid circulation and force the stagnant junk toward the body surface and out through the pores of the skin. An incredible amount of fluid is flushed out in these blankets including heavy metals, chemicals as well as some beneficial elements such as potassium, magnesium and sodium. Saunas come in other designs but we want infrared and this blanket version is ideal and emits low electromagnetic frequencies. Thinking this thing through, our full protocol replaces the good stuff we lose in the sauna.

Hyperthermia or heating the body is a well-known and underused method of killing cancer cells which are weaker than normal cells and more susceptible to damage from heat. Disease does well in a body with a low temperature and cancer patients often have a low body temperature and raising it is one of our long-term goals. Cancer often grows in toxic tissues with poor circulation and oxygenation. Infrared saunas help cleanse from the inside and add to a rather impressive, rounded package. And you can write a book at the same time if that takes your fancy!


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