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Thank you to everyone who came to the book launch and for warmly welcoming me back and to those who used their initiative to promote and organise the logistics and the food and made it easy for me to focus on my part. A beautiful crowd of people! 

You were each there for a reason beyond showing your support and are a perfect example of the energy we need to take this information to everyone and build an inclusive movement of human consciousness.

What I have pieced together is difficult for some to handle but each and every one of you soaked it up like I do and as deep as I went down this particular rabbit warren you still asked for more. You asked all the right questions but whether they were right or wrong you asked questions. In today’s suppressed society that takes great courage.

I’ve waited a long time to tell my story. It’s out.


This is Keith's latest book and by far the most significant. It is 432 pages, fully illustrated and fully referenced. It documents his journey researching, discovering the cause and ultimately curing what is described as an 'incurable' stage 4 blood cancer, at home.

It is equally fascinating, revealing, informative and invaluable. It opens the door to a new way of looking at disease and health, at the food we eat and the research methods we use to find cures. It exposes information we all need to know about cancer causes, treatments, research and prevention. Nearly 50 chapters explore related issues and includes the entire timeline and protocol devised to first stop in its tracks then reverse a late stage progressing cancer and eliminate all signs.

I had a dream when I got my ‘incurable’ cancer diagnosis that I would find a way to heal and then I would then write and publish a book that might help others. I was told by a number of very intuitive people that I was given this cancer for a reason and I agree. We all are, in my view, but this was my reason. I love it when a plan comes together!

I have always wanted to make things better in our world and I have tried to surround myself with people with a similar desire. I am living my dream and I am looking forward to meeting new friends and reconnecting with old friends beginning at the launch of my book ‘I am Keith Mann I Cured Cancer’.

It is a bold introduction to an even bolder project and I am very proud to be me.

This story I am about to reveal is about all of us and the biggest opportunity of our time to stem the rise of ill health in our society.

I will show not only a mechanism for reversing cancer, but a very simple, instant way we can all dramatically reduce the risk of cancer in ourselves, our children and our animals. I will show not only the deception in the broad claim that “animal research saves lives” but I can very specifically show how the opposite is true. I will go so far as to show which animal caused the cancer in me. And not just me. Imagine that! All backed up by the scientific literature and without relying on those awful images we associate with vivisection. This is an incredibly optimistic project.

The last time our society had an opportunity like this was in 1946 when Dr Max Gerson presented his case before the US Senate where a $100 million war chest was on offer in the fight against cancer. In spite of the testimony of living witnesses, cured by Gerson’s nutritional approach, and Dr Gerson himself, the Pepper-Neely Bill which sought funding for further research into the first proven cancer cure in history was defeated by a mere four votes. Deciding votes were cast by senators who were also medical doctors, funny enough. Medical doctors treat disease with drugs and they do very well thank you very much. Not so much their patients. That money and a lot more since was gobbled up by the tumour bombers. Since then millions upon millions of us have been treated with expensive, toxic drugs that do not heal but have spawned foundations, charities, chains of high street stores, heavy investment, a massive increase in cancer and made some men very rich. And still they beg for more to search for that cure.

It is time we took control of the situation. Let’s not miss another opportunity

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