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The motto of the cub scouts is “Be Prepared”. I think this is a smart way to bring up kids. I used to be a cub scout in the 1970’s.

When I was diagnosed in 2013 I was prepared. I had ignored the taunts of the thought police who wanted to pull me back into their box and opted instead to think for myself about ways of treating cancer. The closed minded name callers wanted me to stay loyal and trust in Big Pharma and the ludicrous popular belief in a cure just around the corner, while people were dying all around me. It wasn’t so much for my benefit that I should understand for myself what options there are for treating cancer as I was one of those people who was never going to get cancer, but what if this knowledge could help someone else, maybe my dog, is it not worth knowing?

The image you see here is a cancer microbe, a virus known to some of us as not just a cause but also responsible for spreading cancer. This little fella filmed live in the 1950’s by probably the most powerful microscope ever invented and since lost to science is mostly ignored by cancer researchers and the orthodox practitioners who typically now focus their lenses on dead material through much less efficient equipment and who treat cancer cells with poisons while actually spreading these cancer viruses! Seriously the world is not the place we think it is.

Such is the gravity of this omission in cancer treatment that our cancer microbe, who lives inside the cancer cells, is allowed to not just survive the introduction of highly toxic chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiation into our disease bodies, but in the aftermath (as we are told cockroaches will in the aftermath of a nuclear war) he is provided with an environment that suits his needs perfectly: increased acidity, toxicity and no resistance from immune defences. So ideal is this toxic wasteland that cancer is often seen to speed up, or get worse, when it comes back.

Talk about bonkers!

Microbe researcher Dr Alan Cantwell details in ‘The Cancer Microbe’ something interesting he found in the cells of autopsied medical victims who had been treated conventionally:

“[some]… with massive doses of antibiotics for weeks before death: the antibiotics failed to kill the cancer microbes. I saw the microbes in tissue that had been burned with massive doses of radiation therapy. I saw the microbe thriving in cancerous tissue that had been blitzed with chemotherapy; the cancer cells were destroyed but the cancer microbe remained. Nothing fazed the cancer microbe: not surgery, not radiation, not antibiotics, not chemotherapy. The cancer microbe was indestructible!”

Through our research we figured out how to get rid of these microbes and applied this critical thinking into my protocol. Then my cancer doctor asked what did you do to stop all that cancer from growing in you. Given that 1 in 2 of us are predicted to get cancer in our lifetime, how many of us can really afford not to know?

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