More than a testimonial

More than a testimonial detailing a home grown cancer cure, I have investigated the very best the orthodox have on offer from their own literature and lay out the evidence in clear and simple language, fully referenced. I thrilled in unravelling the cause of my cancer and confirmed it with evidence from the same scientific literature. The truth is out there if we dare to look. I dare and I care and I have condensed it in one place to ease the journey for others. Discovering this cause had a profound effect and led to the most incredible journey of discovery I have ever been on, and I have crawled through some crap in my time. It’s a funny story, hilarious at times. You will also be stunned, excited, intrigued and maybe a little pissed off. If you don’t feel all of these emotions and a load of your own, you are probably not wired right.

Our dog falling ill with cancer and our efforts to save him opened up another can or worms and those worms are wriggling out of this book. So you don’t just learn the finest detail of how cancer can be caused, spread and halted in the human body but our animals too. Almost everyone I speak to says they know someone with cancer, and I don’t miss an opportunity so I hear this a lot. The postman’s sister is terminal. I told him my story and showed him some evidence. He had never heard anything like it and he speaks to a lot of stranger too. He was clearly stunned so much so he came back 20 minutes later to ask me some more and order a book realising that there might actually be hope not at some unspecified time in the future but right now. What has she got to lose by just reading it, he asked himself. Smart question, me thinks.

Often such case histories are relayed to me as being terminal or incurable or as cancer “recently returned” and for me this book couldn’t be better timed or more relevant to more people than any other book. Of course I’m biased but I have every right to be. I escaped again only this time I escaped from death row, with a key I made. I can’t stomach anyone living with fear or without hope. Anyone or anything. I have a key and with a key you can unlock doors. And minds.

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