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Were I a health practitioner and being asked for advice about the best way to nourish a diseased body, say one that was being challenged by cancer, I would not recommend a patient “go vegan” without some clarification. I was vegan for many years before cancer swept through me and I have more vegan friends with cancer than I care to recall. Vegan in today’s market is not by definition health food. Health food is not grown in pesticides and then factory processed into something the human body is ill-equipped to unravel. A diseased body needs all the help we can give it in order to flood it with the micro nutrients of life and help return it to a healthy state. As someone they love to label an extremist I would of course take vegan to the extreme (which is in actual fact merely back to where it originated) but not without good reason.


To be clear, the Gerson Therapy as a fixed protocol did not work for me. We were forced to devise a new way to cure cancer. The Gerson Therapy is the work of genius but it is not necessarily in keeping with the times. Dr Max Gerson was that genius but a lot has changed in our world since he figured out how to reverse chronic disease 100 years ago. What has not changed is the need to create a nutritional foundation from clean, unadulterated, unprocessed food as firmly established by Dr Gerson. There are clues where the words ‘vegan’ or ‘gluten free’ or ‘free from’ or ‘reduced fat’ and so on appear on a packet of ingredients. Even ‘organic’ may alert us. The clue is in the fact there is a list of ingredients. Consideration of those ingredients in our daily living is of course a step in the right direction, but when reversing disease we need to find the courage to rethink a lifetime of conditioning and incessant advertising and the beliefs of our friends and our family about what constitutes healthy food. And like facing a hungry predator it may not be advisable to dawdle.

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