Problem solving

You see a stray dog lying in the middle of the road seriously injured. You have a choice. You can drive on by and tell yourself it is someone else’s responsibility; that you are too busy, that you don’t know how to help. Or you can move the dog to the side of the road and tell yourself it’ll be alright. Or you can take the dog to safe place where it can be cared for its injuries treated its health restored and a new home found where it can be looked after with love and kindness for the rest of its life, kept safe from further straying into traffic. My instinct is for the latter.

When I was diagnosed with cancer I had a choice to make. I could ignore it and carry on with my life hoping the problem would go away. I could seek to eliminate the tumours and carry on with my life in the hope that this course of action had coincidentally removed the cause of the tumours. Or I could treat my body with love and kindness with a view to addressing the cause of the tumours. Again I chose the latter believing as I do in the power of love and kindness and addressing the cause.

I have a lot of respect for my cancer doctor even though his toxic treatment options are a proven failure and he offered me no choice but an inevitable demise due to cancer, chemo or infection caused by chemo. He always chooses to eliminate the tumours with poisons (moving the dog to the side of the road) and told me when I first met him in 2013 that my cancer was incurable. I opted for a more complete package for this particular puppy.

In the summer of 2016 with my cancer still growing my cancer doctor and all those around him were circling my wagon and predicting my inevitable demise. It had got so bad that they insisted I must attend appointments every 4 weeks so they could persuade me to have my cancer suppressed for a little while longer (moving the dog to the side of the road) while accusing me of burying my head (of driving past the dog) for refusing. By the fall of 2016 we had implemented the rounded package of tools required to stop this cancer in its tracks and send it into steady decline while at the same time rebuilding my immune system. We even gave a name to our protocol which is entirely suitable, as you will discover.

We had recovered this dog and he was on his way to a safe future.

When my cancer doctor later asked what did I do to stop all that cancer from growing in me I told him. He sat there and made notes clearly intrigued but perhaps struggling with the details and not permitted the time required to adequately record everything as a true scientist must. I have recorded every detail for them in my book. Clear, concise and clearly effective. Many people struggle with the idea of healing, programmed as we are to believe it is no longer possible since drugs were invented. Instead the dark clouds will gather and predict, almost wish for your inevitable demise. Scoffing, irritated and angry that you might just make it! We are a funny little creature.

My cancer doctor reported in February 2018:

“I reviewed this gentleman in clinic. It is a year since I last saw
him. He was looking very well and had no symptoms. He has
now as you may know dropped dairy, processed food, sugars
and alcohol and has gone purely organic. He has also taken to
drinking ozone water and treating himself with magnetic
pulsing therapy. Examination revealed no pathology. His blood
count was entirely normal. No intervention is therefore
required. I will review him in a year’s time or sooner if there are

I have no concerns.


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