Book Review: I Am Keith Mann. I Cured Cancer at Home

"Keith undertook an epic research project, the stunning findings of which are packed into the 400 compelling pages of his book. There is no room after this for willful dismissal of his claims by those with a vested interest in the multi-billion dollar cancer industry or by people somnambulant and credulous enough to believe what they are told by the vampires making themselves rich off the sick and the dying....I could fill this review with examples as shocking as the one above because Keith has brought them all together for us. He has done all the work. Every piece of the puzzle which he finds and slots into place for us is backed up by impressive reams of research under which the lies of the cancer industry cannot stand. This is an incredible achievement by any measure, and an endeavour the cancer profiteers must have hoped no-one would ever attempt. Chapter after chapter builds a case that simply cannot be challenged; it is that watertight." To read rest of review click here

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"Keith Mann's testimony is absolutely awe-inspiring. From the very first page I was moved by his passion, bravery and unwavering commitment to the truth. Against all odds he has proven that Cancer can indeed be cured from the comfort of our own homes - without the unnecessary invasion of toxic pharmaceuticals and their life-destroying side effects. But this is so much more than a story about curing Cancer. Keith's research presents a multi-faceted case that impresses upon us the urgency of systemic global change. His story is a clarion call for each and every one of us to wake up and face the realities of our current lifestyles. Articulately written with heart and humour, "I am Keith Mann. I cured Cancer (at home)" is an absolute must-read for anybody who considers themselves to be an engaged and conscious member of our human family."

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Wow! what a read! I found Keith's book informative, shocking, truthful, courageous and inspiring. The information is presented clearly and is referenced throughout. Keith details the full protocol he used to cure himself of "Terminal Cancer" and documents his journey from diagnosis to cancer free. Buy the book! It's an amazing investment (and quite possibly, a life saver) for you or someone you know-considering 1 in 2 of us will likely "get" cancer.  Review by B.J.

Very impressive and informative. This book is like no other, it will open your eyes and mind to the real truth especially about cancer and how it is 'controlled'. Keith is an amazing 'Mann' and author and tells it like it is. Buy a copy today, i promise you wont be disapointed that you did x Review by L.D.

HI Keith, thanks for the book. I’m reading it with a mixture of emotions. You don’t pull your punches but you clearly describe the Emperor with no clothes. I am very excited about the information you are summarising about vaccines an issue close to my heart. Review by J.L.

Hi Keith, I just had to let you know how fabulous your book is! (I'm still reading) and that it is just as powerful and affecting as I knew it would be. I started off highlighting parts for the review but I was then highlighting practically every paragraph it's so jam-packed with brilliant quotes, so I had to recalibrate, lol. But honestly, it's fucking great. Review by A.B.

Hi Keith, I have read most of your amazing book and Im eternally grateful for all of the information and research that has been condensed into one book. I have just had my dog Trixie, we call Trick (because of her personality) diagnosed with Cushings Disease. I have not really been one to follow the annual injections and on occasions missed them completely, and only because of judgement have I gone through with them and scared into it. I did notice a few times after her annual injections that her temperament changed and she became quite aggresive, but it wore off after a few months or so, but if I mentioned this I would get judged again....I really wish the best for you and Alice and Im so sorry that Taz didnt make it. Im sending so much love to you and Alice and want to thank you both for all of the hard work you have put into curing your cancer, especially with Alice not being well either, I love you both and you hold a dear place in my heart and I cant thank you enough for everything that youve done between you for animals and humanity. Kind, loving regards and best wishes always. Review by C.J.

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